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Users Rules

1)   No Swearing: It is strictly forbidden to swear in the channel main of #islamic. You will be warned the 1st time by a simple kick, and then by a ban.

2) No Op Begging: Do not beg any Operator for an AOp. Note that the tradition of #islamic states that people who don’t ask for Op will be opped, so you are advised not to ask for an Op if you really want one.

3) Politics : Political discussions are allowed in #islamic as long as they remain respectful and do not show offense towards any user, religion or political character. The operators will be watching the discussions closely.

4) No Flooding: Flooding (repeating a sentence several times in the main channel or talking quickly non-stop) is not allowed for the simple reason that it affects the speed of the connections of the users gathered in the channel, please talk slowly and do not repeat what you say several times.

5) Respect: Please be respectful to all the people in the channel no matter whom it is or where he/she is from.  It is also forbidden to harass users and operators.

6) No Offensive Nicknames: Nicknames meant to offend religious faiths or political beliefs are not allowed. Same for bad nicknames that contain bad words.

7) No Ads/Inviting: Inviting to other channels is not allowed; it will lead you to a kick and/or a ban from the channel. Do not advertise for a website on #islamic without the approval of the Manager or a SOp. This will lead you to a ban and later to an AKick if this persists.

8) No Fighting: Fights are not tolerated in the channel. If it is personal, talk in private. If it is a channel problem, discuss it with an operator in private. People, who fight, will be kicked and banned from #islamic whatsoever.

9) Tolerated Languages: English, and Arabic are accepted in #islamic. Arabic characters are forbidden, if you can read them it doesn’t mean everyone can. When Arabic fonts are incorporated in English words, they are tolerated. (e.g: WêLçOmE bAcK, L?UgH§ O?T l?Ud)

10) Scripts not allowed. (Aka MP3 scripts and else)

11) NO religious talk allowed